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The Octad Ride

We have itemized some of our favorite journeys through the greater Erie area. If you "zero out" your trip odometer and read a few key signs, you can navigate like a pro.

1.) Starting at Browns Farm parking lot on Rt 832/Sterrettania Road head right /south up Rt. 832 for 1.3 miles.


2.) Turn left onto Millfair Road at Proudland Kennels and ride to yield sign/T intersection at 2.5 miles.


3.) Turn left onto Buman Road, continue through right hand turn at stop sign and ride to mile 3.5.


4.) Turn left onto Blenner Road and ride to mile 4.2


5.) Turn left onto Grubb Road  and ride a very short distance to mile 4.3.


6.) Turn right onto Schaefer Road and ride to mile 5.1.


7.) Turn right at T intersection onto Bargain Road. Continue on Bargain Road straight through the Rt 99 intersection (Stop at stop sign!). Bargain Road will take a 90 degree sweeping left hand corner. At mile 6.4 stop at stop sign. 8.)Go straight through intersection. Bargain Road becomes Dunn Valley Road at this point. Continue on Dunn Valley Road until mile 9.6 past the "Hess Garage and Salvage" sign. Take the sweeping 90 degree right turn and continue to bottom of steep downhill at mile 10.2 (old school house on right).


9.) Turn left onto Greenlee Road. At mile 10.8 Greenlee takes a 90 degree right turn, continue until stop sign at mile 11.3 


10.) Turn right onto Sharp Road, also known as Route 86. This is a very hilly section! Continue riding on Sharp Road until mile 15.1.


11.) Turn right onto Old State Road. Continue riding until mile 19.0 at the intersection of Old State, Oliver and Route 99. The parking lot of Branynn Woods at mile 19.0 is a great place to stop and refuel.


12.)Turn right out of Branynn Woods parking lot and ride to mile 19.3 where you will make a left hand turn onto Old Route 99. Be very careful, there is usually gravel on the Old 99 intersection.


13.)Ride Old Route 99 until mile 22.7.


14.)Carefully turn left onto Route 99 again and ride until the Route 99 and West Road flashing traffic light at mile 23.5


15.)Turn left onto West Road and ride until mile 25.2


16.)Turn right onto Rick Road. Be very careful going over metal grated bridge. Ride to mile 25.8


17.)Turn right onto Buman Road and ride to mile 26.4.


18.)Turn left onto Millfair Road and ride to mile 27.6.


19.)Turn right back onto Sterrettania Road and jam it home at mile 28 into Browns Farm Parking lot! You did it!  Total mileage is 28.9. Total elevation gain is 1480 feet.