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Fairview to Girard and Back. The Hard Way!

We have itemized some of our favorite journeys through the greater Erie area. If you "zero out" your trip odometer and read a few key signs, you can navigate like a pro.

Distance: 26.5 miles

Degree of Difficulty: 9

1.)Starting your cycling computer at the intersection of Sterrettania Rd/Rt. 832 and Heidler Road ride west (ie: take a right) for 2.3 miles.


2.)At the T intersection of Heidler and Bearcreek turn left and ride until mile 3.0.


3.)Turn right onto Krieder Road and ride until mile 4.0.


4.)At T intersection turn left onto Platz Road and ride over Rt 90 to mile 4.4.


5.)Turn right onto Market Street and ride to mile 5.3.


6.)At T intersection turn left onto Rt. 98/Avonia Road and ride to mile 5.6.


7.)The right onto Sterrettania Rd/Rt832/Tannery Road (yep, 3 names) and ride until mile 10 into downtown Girard.


8.)Turn left at the traffic light onto Rt. 20 and proceed through town and down Elkcreek hill until mile 10.7 (be careful, 4 lane highway).


9.)Turn left onto South Creek Road. Stay on South Creek straight through stop sign and ride until mile 12.3.


10.)Turn right onto Colespring Road (right after RR sign). At mile 13 veer left at Yeild sign and carefully ride over the railroad tracks. Continue on Colespring Road until mile 14.2.


11.)Turn left at T intersection back on South Creek Road and ride until mile 15.2.


12.)Turn right onto Francis Road and ride until mile 16.6.


13.)Turn left onto Gudgeonville Road. Gudgeonville hill is steep and curvy on the way down and back up! Be careful going through the covered bridge, I find it best to stay in the middle between the car tracks. Ride and sweat until mile 18.9.


14.)At T intersection turn right onto Beckman Road and ride until mile 19.9


15.)Turn left onto Franklin Road and ride until mile 20.6.


16.)Turn right onto Sterrettania Road. You can stay on Sterrettania/Rt832 all the back to to where you started (Browns Farm)or you can also reverse steps 1 to 7 at the beginning of the ride to end back at Browns Farm.