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Fairview Ramble II

We have itemized some of our favorite journeys through the greater Erie area. If you "zero out" your trip odometer and read a few key signs, you can navigate like a pro.
Distance:18 miles
Degree of Difficulty: Medium
Start by parking or riding to Browns Farm parking lot.
Heading right, or south out of the parking lot turn right on to Heidler Rd at mile .25.
Proceed west on Heidler Road until mile 2.6.
Turn left onto Bearcreek Road and ride until mile 3.25.
Turn right onto Kreider Road and ride until mile 4.35.
Turn left onto Platz and ride until mile 4.75.
Turn right onto Market Street and ride until mile 5.65.
Turn left onto Avonia Road and ride until mile 5.95.
Turn right onto Rt. 832 and ride until mile 8.00
Turn almost 180 back onto Old Tannery Road and ride until mile8.6.
Turn left at Daggett/Antolik Road and ride to mile 10.3.
Turn left on Rt 20 and ride west until mile 10.55.
Turn right onto Blair Road and ride until mile 11.4.
Turn right onto Maple Street and ride until mile 13.
Continue straight through intersection at Rt. 20 onto Water Street, ride on Water Street through the sweeping left turn at Ruhl Road and ride until mile 14.8.
Turn right onto Bearcreek and ride until mile 15.45.
Turn left onto Heidler and ride until mile 17.75.
Turn left at Rt 832/ Sterrettania and ride back to Browns Farm parking lot at mile 18!